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M(e)LT build for SC2

This is an odd of a post for this blog, as it concerns as starcraft2 strategy rather than something related to my work. But hey, it's pretty cool. The standard in LoV SC2 game for Zerg is a Roach/Ravager opener. It's incredibly strong: within 8min Zerg is at your base with maxed out supply army. So you gotta push before then. Zerg is pretty weak initially building an economy. The build order is rougly Supply Refinery Barracks Refinery Supply Command Center Factory with Reactor Starport, move the Reactor, Factory builds a tech lab. The double CC bit is very important: it will give you a strong economy and allow you to reinforce your push. Also build an engineering bay and some turrets along the way. At around 4-5 minute mark, you should have ~10 marines, 1-2 tanks and 1-2 liberators. Head for the zerg base. Siege one liberator on the ramp to their base, one liberator above your army. Siege the tank up so that it benefits from the vision of the liberators. Start