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Symfony cumulative ACL isGranted

The default use of Access Control Lists in symfony can be a little awkward. That's because the $securityContext isGranted method performs a cumulative permissions check, while the typical implementations of ACL component isGranted perform a different kind of check. Here is what I mean, let's start with a simple security token.

$em = $this->getContainer()->get('doctrine')->getManager();
$aclManager = $this->getContainer()->get('myapp_user.acl_manager');

$repository = $em->getRepository('MyAppUserBundle:User');
$user = $repository->find(1);

$output->writeln(sprintf("user:%d %s", $user->getId(), $user->getUsername() ) );
$token = new UsernamePasswordToken($user, $user->getPassword(), "firewallname", $user->getRoles());
$securityContext = $this->getContainer()->get('security.token_storage');
$authorizationChecker = $this->getContainer()->get('security.authorization_checker');