React/Redux first contact - it's not that different at all, a pocket guide for ex-PHP dev

It's my first encounter with Redux (which is an implementation of Flux). Coming from a PHP/Symfony2 background, things appear pretty different at first. The core ideas of Redux are Actions, ActionCreator and the Store - all very different vocab from what the PHP-folks are used to.

However, things are not as different as they appear to be. Inspired by this video here is a pocket translator for what these things are in PHP-speak.

The closest match are Requests, they carry an action type (equivalent of a URI) and possibly some payload (Request post/get params)

One-to-one match with 'Routes'

Only one per application, it's a bit like a Routing component that gets requests, and basing on their URI types, assigns which Controller to send it to.

Sort of like controllers, they recieve Actions from the Store and perform the following function

newState = reducer(oldState, action)

So it's all quite simple really!


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